At Resonance Publishing we wish to share the resonant energy that comes from reading a great book with friends and family. We are passionate about books and our philosophy is to ensure that every book we publish is exceptional. The vibrant heart of Resonance Publishing is our relationship with our authors. We work closely with our authors to nurture, support and inspire them. Our aim is to ensure that the books we produce accurately reflect the character and vision of our authors, with no compromise.

We achieve our philosophy of excellence by creating a nurturing environment in which to work, and strongly believe in rewarding our authors highly for their hard work. Our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure that their hard work gains recognition and success.

There is a strong ethos of mentoring within Resonance Publishing and many of our publications have this thread running through them. We believe that the process of mentoring accelerates the transfer of knowledge, and is one of the principal ways in which we can all help shape a better future.

For us, resonance is one of the highest states of existence, with free flow of energy between our team, our authors and our readers. We hope that you enjoy and are inspired by our books. Perhaps one day you might come and write one yourself with us?


About Our Books

We produce a wide variety of books at Resonance Publishing covering subjects as diverse as medicine, education, children’s fiction, poetry, short fiction and adult fiction.

Within the field of medicine we aim to produce books that have a strong focus on patient safety. We passionately believe that education is the foundation of safe medicine. One stream of our medical books is designed to enhance self-care, and as part of our publication process we engage patients and communities to ensure that our work is grounded in everyday life.

Our children’s books are very special and are written from a child’s perspective. We even have the odd author under the age of ten! We particularly hope that our books will be shared and read between families and friends.