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These are the first books in the Learning Needs Assessment Tool series. Coming soon are Uveitis Fellowship, Medical Retina Fellowship, Neuro-ophthamology Fellowship, Cornea and Anterior Segment Fellowship, Lacrimal and Oculoplastic Fellowship and many more!

The period of time spent as a Fellow is one of the most enjoyable of the entire period of training. Fellows often find themselves on an exponential learning curve. Learning Needs Assessment Tool is designed to be a time-efficient means of identifying and prioritising training needs.

This tool aims to enhance the Fellow's training and should be used in conjunction with the training tools already available. Training needs are identified and this ensures that the Fellow's learning needs can be optimally addressed. Topics that are covered are theoretical foundation, clinical excellence, surgical skills, developing areas of specialist clinical interest, research, delivering patient-centred care, education, and management and leadership. It also serves as a sequential historical record of the Fellow's development and achievements, and of the interaction between the Fellow and the Trainer(s).

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